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Ongoing registrations

  • Championnats AVVF Individuels Élite

    Days until the form closes : 22

    Event details
  • Tournoi de Classement AVVF R. 2

    Days until the form closes : 31

    22% Event details
  • Challenge de la Ville de Carouge

    Days until the form closes : 32

    11% Event details
  • AGTT Elite Ranking Tournament R. 1

    Days to event : 48

    45% Event details

Best monthly progression STT

Cat. Men Women
All Lamon Oscar (+91 Elo) Ghazaryan Mane (+78 Elo)
U11 Wu Michelle (+11 Elo)
U13 Amstad Aidan (+27 Elo)
U15 Lamon Oscar (+91 Elo)
U17 Karpisek Josua (+82 Elo) Huber Angelina (+24 Elo)
U19 Spuhler Joschua (+58 Elo) Ghazaryan Mane (+78 Elo)
O40 Varadi Luboslav (+68 Elo) Roth Sandra (+22 Elo)
O50 Wittwer Jürg (+47 Elo)
O60 Sander Peter (+39 Elo) Leuenberger Marianne (+9 Elo)
O65 Steinmann Markus (+30 Elo)
O70 Nemeth Janos (+29 Elo)
O80 Weber Werner (+26 Elo)

Club access

'Club access' for coaches, technical managers, youth section manager, etc.

If you wish to take advantage of a 'club access' in order to be able to register your club's players yourself (group registrations), you can request it on this page after you have logged in :

⇨ New access request.