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Championnats Vaudois

Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th January 2019

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InvitationVenueCompetition modeLevelScopeRegistrations
UNIL - SOS 1, Quartier Lac, 1015
AmateursSaturday 26.01.201910:00Multi-stage, groups of 4, 2 qualified
Simple DamesSaturday 26.01.201909:00Multi-stage, groups of 4, 2 qualified
Simple ASaturday 26.01.201913:00Round-robin
Simple BSaturday 26.01.201911:00Multi-stage, groups of 4, 2 qualified
Simple CSaturday 26.01.201915:00Multi-stage, groups of 4, 2 qualified
Simple DSaturday 26.01.201912:00Multi-stage, groups of 4, 2 qualified
Simple ESaturday 26.01.201914:00Multi-stage, groups of 4, 2 qualified
Mini-TablesSaturday 26.01.201916:30-
Double MixteSunday 27.01.201909:00Round-robin
Double DamesSunday 27.01.201910:00K.O.
Double Hommes A/BSunday 27.01.201910:00K.O.
Double Hommes CSunday 27.01.201911:30K.O.
Double Hommes DSunday 27.01.201910:30K.O.
Double Hommes ESunday 27.01.201911:30K.O.
Simple O40Sunday 27.01.201913:30Round-robin
Simple O50Sunday 27.01.201913:30Round-robin
Simple U11Sunday 27.01.201913:30K.O.
Simple U13Sunday 27.01.201913:30Multi-stage, groups of 4, 2 qualified
Simple U15Sunday 27.01.201913:30Multi-stage, groups of 4, 1 qualified
Simple U18Sunday 27.01.201913:30Multi-stage, groups of 3, 2 qualified
Tournoi par équipes, 13 ptsSunday 27.01.201913:30-
1pt gagnantSunday 27.01.201916:30-