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Sun. 12.06.2022 Season 2021-2022

National Final of Gubler School Trophy

Boys U9

On Sunday 12.06.2022 At 09:30




Competition mode Individual
Matches type Singles
Unlicenced allowed ? Yes
Category/ies U9
Ratings UL
Play systemMultistage
Groups of 5
With 2 qualified

Participants (21)

Name Cat. Elo Club Canton RA Details

Arora Vivaan

U11, ZH

Arora Vivaan U11 (ZH)

Bournameau Mathieu

221159, U11, JU

Bournameau Mathieu 221159 U11 (JU)

Burkhard Ethan

U11, VD

Burkhard Ethan U11 (VD)

Callipari Lorenzo

U11, LU

Callipari Lorenzo U11 (LU)

Gass Valentin

U11, BL

Gass Valentin U11 (BL)

Grape Jan

U11, VS

Grape Jan U11 (VS)

Hess Philip

U11, ZH

Hess Philip U11 (ZH)

Jenni Linus

U11, TG

Jenni Linus U11 (TG)

Knobel Thomas

U11, SG

Knobel Thomas U11 (SG)

Lonak Jan

U11, BE

Lonak Jan U11 (BE)

Madi Adam

U11, GE

Madi Adam U11 (GE)

Mercurio Jeremiah

U11, AG

Mercurio Jeremiah U11 (AG)

Okcu Ahmet

U11, GR

Okcu Ahmet U11 (GR)

Raimbaud Timéo

121161, U11, GE

Raimbaud Timéo 121161 U11 (GE)

Rapoula Clément

221102, U11, NE

Rapoula Clément 221102 U11 (NE)

Tonea Gabriel

U11, FR

Tonea Gabriel U11 (FR)

Uebelhart Eliah

U11, TG

Uebelhart Eliah U11 (TG)

Vogel Phineas

U11, BE

Vogel Phineas U11 (BE)

Windisch Valentin

U11, AG

Windisch Valentin U11 (AG)

Woog Jed

U11, ZH

Woog Jed U11 (ZH)

Zoppi Mauro

U11, LU

Zoppi Mauro U11 (LU)