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Sun. 12.06.2022 Season 2021-2022

National Final of Gubler School Trophy

Boys U11

On Sunday 12.06.2022 At 09:30




Competition mode Individual
Matches type Singles
Unlicenced allowed ? Yes
Category/ies U11
Ratings UL
Play systemMultistage
Groups of 5
With 2 qualified

Participants (24)

Name Cat. Elo Club Canton RA Details

Barke Léon

U11, VD

Barke Léon U11 (VD)

Boilleau Rouillé Célestin

U11, ZH

Boilleau Rouillé Célestin U11 (ZH)

Bärtsch Juoni

U11, GR

Bärtsch Juoni U11 (GR)

Coronado Léonardo

121022, U11, GE

Coronado Léonardo 121022 U11 (GE)

De Melo Davide

U11, FR

De Melo Davide U11 (FR)

Estermann Benjamin

U11, BE

Estermann Benjamin U11 (BE)

Gabrielli Ettore

U11, TI

Gabrielli Ettore U11 (TI)

Gindrat Mathieu

U11, GE

Gindrat Mathieu U11 (GE)

Giorgis Mattia

U11, NE

Giorgis Mattia U11 (NE)

Hofmann Leandro

U11, LU

Hofmann Leandro U11 (LU)

Ismailov Timur

U11, ZG

Ismailov Timur U11 (ZG)

Kiefer Nikolaï

221163, U11, JU

Kiefer Nikolaï 221163 U11 (JU)

Kägi Juri

U11, SG

Kägi Juri U11 (SG)

Mange Eliott

U11, GE

Mange Eliott U11 (GE)

Masurel Arthur

U11, ZH

Masurel Arthur U11 (ZH)

Merz Léo

U11, GE

Merz Léo U11 (GE)

Milcu Sasha

U11, BE

Milcu Sasha U11 (BE)

Murugan Raphaël

220109, U11, NE

Murugan Raphaël 220109 U11 (NE)

Müller Elia

U11, TG

Müller Elia U11 (TG)

Pigrum Daniel

U11, ZH

Pigrum Daniel U11 (ZH)

Schärer Till

U11, BS

Schärer Till U11 (BS)

Tavel Yann

U11, VD

Tavel Yann U11 (VD)

Wang Leon

U11, AG

Wang Leon U11 (AG)

Zinniker Tamin

U11, AG

Zinniker Tamin U11 (AG)